Breast Aesthetics


Breast aesthetics are seen as an integral part of female beauty all over the world. For this reason, breast augmentation is one of the most common aesthetic surgeries in the world to make both breasts equal or increase their volume. One of the main reasons why it is preferred so often is that the surgery causes a change in the appearance of the people and increases the self-confidence of the individual.

In breast augmentation surgeries, breast prostheses placed behind the breast can increase the size of the breast circumference by a few bras. If the patient has a complaint about sagging, breast lift surgery can be performed at the same time as the breasts are augmented with a breast prosthesis.

Breast augmentation , also known as augmentation plasty, is called surgical intervention to increase the current breast volume.


The most common type of cancer in women is breast cancer . In women who survived this disease, tumor tissue may need to be removed from the breast or sometimes the entire breast may be removed. This situation may reveal some traumatic consequences. People may feel incomplete or not look feminine enough. The removal of part or all of the breast due to breast cancer is called masteknomi . Breast reconstruction surgeries can also be performed during mastechnomy surgeries and may be beneficial for people to overcome the effects of breast loss.

Breast prostheses used in the treatment of breast repair are divided into saline and gel formula . The outer surface of the prosthesis consists of a silicone layer. Breast repair operation using prosthesis is a shorter and simpler method compared to other methods.


Breasts have always been seen as a symbol of femininity. Straight and fresh breasts that are compatible with the body are complementary to the beauty of women and increase the self-confidence of the people. Breasts may lose shape or sag over time due to birth, breastfeeding, weight gain or hereditary reasons. This situation is a source of discontent for many women. The surgery performed to remove excess skin, tighten the tissue surrounding the breast contour and reshape the breasts by lifting it is called breast lift surgery .

After breast lift surgery, no other dressing is done except for the thin bands on the stitches. The drains placed in the operation are removed 24-48 hours after the operation. A shower can be taken 1 or 2 days after the drains are removed. Stitches are removed after 15 days.

It is necessary to use a sports bra after the surgery. It is recommended to wear continuously for 4 weeks.


The reason for the growth of breast tissue in women is hereditary. Conditions such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight gain and loss lead to an increase in the size and sagging of the breasts. When the breasts grow excessively, it causes both aesthetic problems and neck, back and shoulder pain, restriction of physical activities, inability to wear desired clothes, and deformities in the shoulder caused by the bra strap.

The breast reduction operation , also known as reduction mammoplasty , is a plastic surgery procedure performed to reduce the size of large breasts.

The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to ensure that people have breasts of equal size and form, to eliminate aesthetic concerns about this issue and to resolve physical complaints.


Gynecomastia, is the formation of female type breast tissue in men. In other words, men’s breasts become feminine. Gynecomastia is a problem that can be observed in 50% of the male population. Since it feminizes the bodies of men, it affects their mental state negatively and may cause loss of self-confidence.

In this method, it is possible to remove both fat tissue and breast tissue in the breast from very small incisions by means of micro cannulas. In some cases, it may be necessary to apply classical surgical technique.

“Gynecomastia surgery can usually be treated with liposuction (closed technique) method with an operation that takes an average of 45 minutes without any scar.”