Dermapen Treatment


Dermapen is a method applied without damaging, peeling or irritating the precious upper layer of the skin, the epidermis. It is a combination of the micro-needle system, which dates back to ancient Chinese history and applied to Chinese princesses, with modern medicine. Dermapen application is used especially in the face, hand and neck areas.

It is quite normal to see redness on the skin after Dermapen application. After about 2 hours from the procedure, these rashes will begin to lose their effect. It does not affect the daily life of the people who have the application.

How to Apply Dermapen ?

Dermapen application is applied with the help of a special device called dermapen. There are 12 needles at the end of this device and a motor to ensure the movement of these needles. These needle tips are inserted into the area that is seen as defective on the skin in a controlled manner. In this way, the needle tips allow the pores to open.

The Dermapen is held at a right angle during the application and the needles start to move back and forth on the skin thanks to the motor inside the pen. This process is done by experts.

The Advantages of Dermapen

Dermapen provides the skin to be repaired by opening the pores on the skin surface and sending vibrations to these channels. It also stimulates growth factors that will cause collagen and elastin formation in the skin.