French Lift

French Lift

After non-surgical face lift operations, the most preferred application is Hollywood Strap. One of the advantages of the Epline 6D COG Hollywood Sling is that no surgical operation is required. Depending on the application area, the patient can continue his/her daily life shortly after the application without any side effects.

Epline 6D COG creates volume by producing collagen under the skin. It restores lost collagen to the skin and provides elastin stimulation.

360 degree hexa awns provide better grip than normal COG and 3D COG threads. It also increases the lifting effect of the skin.

One of the other advantages of Epline 6D COG thread is that the awns on the thread allow the thread to hold on to the tissue. In this way, a good stretching and lifting process takes place.

It is possible to stretch many parts of the face thanks to the flexible threads that are made of polyester and silicone. The Hollywood hanger, which is one of the non-surgical facelift operations, is also known as the French hanger.

What are the Application Areas of the French Lift?

With the French Lift, the stretching process can be applied to various parts of the body and face.

  • Cheekbones,
  • Forehead area,
  • The area known as the sternum,
  • Longitudinal operations can be performed.

In this way, stretching can be applied to the area where you have sagging problem without surgery.

French Lift Before and After

Nose Lift

The nose consists of a bony main-structure and a cartilage nasal tip. Nasal suspension or nasal tip interventions are recommended for patients who do not want to completely change the appearance of their nose and only complain of low nasal tip. Nasal suspension is a procedure that provides ideal results in patients who have no problems with the nasal bone structure and only complain of nasal tip droop and deformity.

Face Lift

The non-surgical facelift method stretches the skin. The ingredients in the threads prevent aging of the skin by increasing the production of collagen, elastin protein and hyaluronic acid in the skin. It strengthens connective tissues. Non-surgical facelift tightens areas that have lost their elasticity such as cheeks, chin, neck, and jowl, and restores their former flexibility.

Eyebrow Lift

Since eyebrow suspension aesthetics is performed without surgery, there is no scar on your skin after the operation. You can easily return to your daily life after the operation without dealing with problems such as stitch control and dressing. The operation takes an average of 30-45 minutes and you can leave the clinic after the procedure.

The healing process is very fast. It uses the double thread technique for a more permanent result in eyebrow thread lift operation. Thus, the possibility of breaking the ropes is eliminated, there is no problem of falling again and the eyebrows can be lifted at the desired level.