Nose Filling

What is Nose Filling?

Nasal filling is an application preferred by people who are afraid of nasal surgery and do not want to undergo surgery. In order to achieve a fast result in a short time, especially nasal filling shapes are preferred very often. The method takes 10 minutes and is a process that responds quickly to a new look. This method is performed using only superficial drugs without incision or surgery.

There is no blood or pain. The process made with hyaluronic acid types is used all over the world with peace of mind. This filling process varies according to the structure of the nose. Filling process is done with materials produced for single use. The filling process of the patient is performed in a sterile state.

How to Apply Nose Filling?

The filling method applied to the nose is performed using only superficial drugs, without the need for operating rooms, without general anesthesia. The filling process is completed within 10-15 minutes. Nasal filling application is injected into the area in the nose to be corrected with the support of a syringe. If needed, ice buffer for 3 or 4 minutes can be made.

This filling procedure is not only applied for nasal lifting, nasal tip filling, but also to regulate the depressions in the areas with asymmetry problems. It can also be said that the procedure adds volume to the area where it is applied and it is not possible to reduce the nose without the surgical procedure. In short, it is necessary to say that it is the procedures performed on the noses suitable for those who do not want to go under the knife.

What are the Benefits of Nose Filling Application?

It can be said that the people who will have this procedure have had their noses suitable for their faces. The application, which aims to be compatible and proportional to the face, is made with hyaluronic acid-based filling materials, which are naturally polysaccharide, in the human body in the form of skin tissue, muscles, joints, cartilage. This process is applied reversibly. There are many advantages in the nose filling treatment process. If any issues arise after the procedure is performed, the filling may be melted and the nose may be restored. This is among the biggest benefits. In addition, people will have a new nose in a short time, such as 20 minutes. It is a process that positively affects social relations as it will have a new and proportional nose.

Who Should Nose Filling Be Applied?

In addition to cosmetic purposes, nasal fillings are also made for different reasons. Those who have asymmetric problems in the nasal structure, those who have structural curvatures and to reduce and fill these curvatures, to make the nose contour softer, to correct the depression in the nasal arch or back. Nasal filling is also applied to patients with mild asymmetric problems after the nasal arch elevation and surgery. In other words, this application can be preferred with peace of mind as a result of deformities and environmental factors caused by different reasons as well as for aesthetic purposes. The process draws attention with its fast and practicality.

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How Many Sessions Should Nose Filling Be Applied?

The filling process for the nose is performed for different purposes. Although it is sometimes for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, it is sometimes made to remove the depressions that occur due to various reasons. The procedure performed, session intervals vary according to the structure of the nose. Nasal filling prices may also vary depending on this, and it is important in the price given by the place to be made.

There are controls and touch-ups created after the filling process. Controls should be made at regular intervals in the time determined by the specialist. If it is deemed necessary, the filling process is repeated. Operations are carried out taking into account the condition of the nose. Because there are noses that require too much procedure frequency. Likewise, there are also nose shapes that will require small touches.

What Should Be Considered After Nose Filling?

There are points to be considered after nasal filling without the need for general anesthesia. First of all, the creams recommended after the application should be used against edema and swelling. Some creams are pain relievers. After nasal filling, risky sportive movements should be avoided for a minimum of 2-3 days.

In addition, lying positions are also important. If the process is carried out in summer, it should not be entered into pools containing chlorine. Likewise, swimming in the sea is not recommended for those who have done this. When these issues are taken into consideration after the filling process in the nose, the result will be very good. The filling is permanent and the structure of the nose will give the desired appearance.