Nucleofill Treatment

Our skin ages due to the environmental factors and time. As a result, it seems duller and drier and lose its elasticity. Wrinkles, yellowing and paleness become more visible. Researches show that the root cause of these symptoms is the decrease of the rate of proteins in skin. DNA of the salmon is one of the best sources which make up for the proteins in skin because of its resemblance to the human DNA. Salmon DNA is highly effective on regaining the degressive moisture in skin thanks to its capacity of retaining moisture which is thousandfold of its own volume.

Salmon DNA vaccine helps the skin regain the degressive moisture and it acts as a defense mechanism against aging affects. The vaccine consists of a serum obtained from salmon milk and it is applied by hypodermic injection. Salmon DNA vaccine reverses the aging effects and regenerates the skin naturally.

Salmon DNA is a substance called as polynucleotide and it supports the cytogenesis. It is obtained from salmon and is used for skin regeneration.

How is Nucleofill vaccinated?

Before the salmon DNA vaccine application, the face is cleaned and anesthetic cream is applied to the face. After 20 minutes of waiting time, Salmon DNA vaccine is injected in small amounts into the middle skin. Salmon DNA vaccine does not have any allergic effects. Therefore, it has a wide user base. It is not recommended for diabetics, people with a history of vascular occlusion and stroke, those with blood coagulation disorders, heart patients and pregnant women.

How long does the vaccination process take?

It takes around 10 or 20 minutes. It is also possible that the injection is made in conjunction with LED treatment. The best results are obtained when the patient receives this treatment 3 or 6 times according to his/her needs. If this treatment is applied twice per year in the form of a cure, obtained results become permanent and more successful.

How does Nucleofill vaccine work?

Salmon DNA regenerates the cells and increases collagen and elastic fibers in order to prevent the skin from sagging. It reduces creases on the skin and the loss of elasticity.

How often should Nucleofill vaccine treatment be received?

Frequency of the treatment is determined according to the needs of the patient’s skin. It is administered every 1 or 3 weeks as 1 or 5 sessions in total.

Salmon DNA is obtained from salmon and used in skin rejuvenation applications. It is a substance called polynucleotide that supports cell production.

Will there be any results that can affect business life and social life adversely?

The patient can go on his/her social and business life after receiving the treatment. Redness and purple spots caused by needles can be observed on the skin but all of them are coverable with cosmetic products.