TMC3+ Action

With the developing technology, new generation applications are also included in our lives. One of the prominent and among these new generation applications is the TMC3+ Action program.

TMC+3 is a needle-free skin rejuvenation system enriched with antioxidants. TMC3+, which offers the opportunity to comfortably and effectively get rid of sun damage, revitalize the skin and renew cellular; It is a new method used in photochronological aging, active acne and scar tissue treatment and color imbalances.

The needle-free skin rejuvenation program TMC3+Action, which makes the results happy, has high success and longevity, is reinforced with antioxidants, helps to slow down the effects of skin aging without causing superficial irritation and provides the basic structure the skin needs replaces all of its stones.

What’s in TMC ?

The items included in TMC 3 + ACTION are:

  • TCA,
  • Kojic Acid,
  • Mandelic Acid,
  • Lactobionic Acid,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Resveratrol,
  • Lipoic Acid,
  • OrganicSilica,
  • DMAE(salmon DNA)
  • Contains horsetail extract.

In addition, TMC is a needle-free skin rejuvenation program that supports collagen and elastin production by stimulating Fibroblasts.

People who should have the TMC3+Action program are those with active acne and scar tissue, those with loss of elasticity, those who suffer from wrinkle aging, those who want a more vibrant and luminous skin, and those who want a more vibrant and luminous skin. People who are afraid of needle applications are suitable for this treatment.