Vella Shape III

Vella Shape III

  • Velashape 3 is an FDA-approved new generation application in its field that targets body shaping and cellulite problems.
  • Velashape 3 is the most advanced device for reducing the appearance of cellulite and removing regional fat without surgery and has proven its results in the clinical environment.
  • Velashape has FDA approval for 3-diameter reduction and cellulite reduction.

91% of women are generally dissatisfied with their current appearance. For this reason, it is seen that they go on a diet or try various alternatives in order to lose weight. The decrease in the fat ratio in the body makes the person feel happy. At the same time, this issue is important in terms of health.

Vella Shape III Benefits

  • Regional thinning,
  • Regional reduction in skin laxity and volume,
  • Reduction in the appearance of cellulite on the abdomen, hips and legs,
  • Face tightening,
  • Nipple area tightening

Vella Shape III Advantages

  • Extremely safe and completely painless,
  • Auto parameters,
  • Long-term and lasting effects,
  • Effectiveness in cellulite and fat breakdown,
  • Ease of use
  • Editing the circulatory system
  • Reduction in pain in lymph nodes
  • Smoothing of texture